10 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC System

With the rise of utility bills and higher energy consumption cost, HVAC customers are constantly looking for simple life-saving hacks. Any simple trick and tips that can control energy wastage and increaser performance of your system is a blessing in disguise. Since HVAC system represents a significant addition to home and office heating and cooling in Plano, TX. So, there’s a need for some cost-savvy technique to control and manage your HVAC unit.

Today, we are sharing 10 ways to get better energy efficiency for your HVAC system.

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Did you know, you can save up to 35% of energy cost annually by replacing or adding new parts to your HVAC system? This is true, retrofitting an old air conditioning and heating system can improve comfort and maintain consistency in temperature. Save money on energy charges by learning few simple tricks on heating and cooling Plano, TX.

Programmable thermostat and control units

Did you always forget to switch off the air-conditioning system in office? Almost everyone does. Save energy of your heating and cooling with an automatic thermostat, that turns on and off automatically. Increase energy efficiency of your home or office with the addition of LED and fluorescent bulb.

Purchase energy-savvy HVAC system

If you have an old and outdated HVAC system that is working inefficiently, and then replace it with newer ones. Newer heating and cooling Plano, TX from Lennox and Trane brand have higher SEER ratings, which means more energy saving and high performance. Also, check for energy star ratings and other standards which adhere to Texas energy guidelines.

Insulate perfectly

Lock in the hot and cool air inside with proper wall and attic insulation. Add sufficient insulation material at required spaces, because the loss of energy can cost you more heating and cooling charges. This can also be the reason for reduced performance of your new or used HVAC system. Remember, without a thermograph inspection it’s difficult to identify the primary heat loss region. Ask your HVAC professional to conduct a home energy audit and then insulate.

Maintain airflow

To make your HVAC system energy efficient, always keep the airflow unit clean and clear from debris. Also, ensure that tree or leaves do not block any duct or vent. Making space for airflow can increase energy efficiency of heating and cooling Plano, TX.

Schedule regular maintenance work

One of the easiest methods to increase HVAC system energy efficiency is regular maintenance and care. Be sure to schedule maintenance and repair work at the end and start of every heating and cooling season. This will save you from additional repair cost later.

Tweak your thermostat

Always keep your thermostat closer to the outside temperature. Setting the thermostat at an average temperature range will save you quite a bit and increase your HVAC energy efficiency. Your heating and cooling in Plano, TX home can improve with a smart thermostat setting.

Alter air filters

Change your HVAC system’s air filter on regular basis. Blocked air filters reduce airflow and increase energy consumption, which means your equipment, takes more power and time to cool down a small space.

Power down electronics

Always turn off your electronic devices likes exercise equipment, machinery, computers, and household appliances when not in use. This will save your energy bills and helps your air conditioning system to cool down the interior temperature very fast. This can also help in conservation of electricity in your home.

Share information about HVAC energy conservation

Spread awareness about different energy conservation measures. Encourage employee and tenants to switch off lights and thermostat when not in use to save energy on your heating and cooling devices.

If you need more assistance about heating and cooling Plano, TX, feel free to ask your personal experts from Enertia HVAC. The above mentioned are few important things to help you control your soaring utility charges. Take important steps whenever requires and enjoy a better indoor continuously, 365 days a year.

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