A Home Energy Audit Can Increase Your Resale Value Too

A home energy audit comes with many advantages and benefits for homeowners. Among all, getting high resale value for an old building is at the top. Home resale value increases after having a home energy audit in Plano TX, because the housing market is robust and competitive. You can sincerely face hard time selling your home quickly unless you make any improvements, have audit report in hand and get it an advantage over competing houses for sale.

How home energy audit can affect your home’s resale value

As the energy costs continued to rise, homeowners are rapidly inclining to energy-efficient system especially in states like Plano, Texas where air-conditioning and heat pump usage is high. The regular bills on heating and cooling systems account for 70 percent of the annual operating costs for many homes in Texas. However, you can witness a drop in percentage by implementing right strategies under best heating and cooling contractor Plano TX. The result of which, you can experience a higher resale value of your home in future.

Addition of an annual checklist to your home can offer lots of benefits. If you perform an energy audit for home, you will also take advantage of other benefits –

  • Investigate significant regions of energy loss, giving you scope for saving additional expenses on energy bills
  • Increase home comfort by replacing an old furnace to heat pumps. Ask HVAC contractors for new AC installation in Plano, TX and make your home a pleasant place to live in.
  • Uncover hidden structural and safety problems before they cause major damage to your sweet home.
  • Reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases that are created by faulty electrical appliances.
  • With appropriate energy audit report and tax incentive information in hand, you can make the right choice in home energy improvement. It will help you receive significant return on investment in future.
  • Improve your home’s marketability by lowering utility bills. A buyer will feel confident when you show an audit report and certification from government authority.

How to improve your home’s energy efficiency

Although several effective measures can be taken to reduce home energy consumption, it is not always important that changing lifestyle can increase the resale value later. To improve your home resale value, you will need to make real energy upgrades that will enhance your home’s energy efficiency, regardless of how old it is!

  • Ask for RESNET certified HVAC/R professional only to prepare an energy audit report.
  • Remove your outdated cooling or heating system with new upgrades
  • Seal off air leaks with a proper insulation system
  • Upgrade home and kitchen appliances to energy efficient and eco-friendly ones
  • Call only certified and trained professionals to perform any HVAC/R system repair and installation work.

A comprehensive energy audit from best air conditioning and heating contractor in Plano TX can offer numerous benefits, unlike any other conventional energy saving procedure, and increasing home resale value is a topping above all. Invest in a home energy audit to get the best value for your home when it’s time for sale.

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